Table 1

Density contrast (∆ρ), width (w), top depth (ztop), and bottom depth (zbot) from the inversion of LGA-1, including the best-fit range in parameters and the 95% confidence intervals (C.I.) for the full inversion (7) and the best-fit (±95% C.I. range) solutions for assumed density contrasts of 550 and 800 kg m−3.

Best fit95% C.I.∆ρ = 550∆ρ = 800
∆ρ (kg m−3)160–96090–940550800
w (km)4.5–24.95.7–46.7Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
ztop (km)10.3–14.86.0–38.8Embedded ImageEmbedded Image
zbot (km)75.6–90.630–96Embedded ImageEmbedded Image