Table 1

Measured concentrations and relative standard deviations (RSD) of oxazepam in water and muscle-tissue samples and corresponding estimated bioaccumulation factors (BAF).

SampleWaterFish muscle tissueBAF*
μg liter−1RSD (%)μg kg−1RSD (%)Range (μg kg-1)
River Fyris0.583.61210.39–13§6.2
High (1000 μg liter−1)910||114900331500–8500#5.3
Low (1 μg liter−1)1.8||4618396.6–36#9.7
Control (0 μg liter−1)>LOQ**>LOQ††

*Estimated bioaccumulation factors based on average values in water and fish muscle tissue from field and experimental measurements.

†Single grab sample.

‡Average value, n = 10.

§Range from minimum to maximum in μg liter−1, n = 10.

||Average value, n = 49.

Average value, n = 25.

#Range from minimum to maximum in μg liter−1, n = 25.

**Below limit of quantification (LOQ), n = 49.

††Below limit of quantification, n = 25. For more details, see supplementary materials.