Table 2

Binding of GL VRC01 to eOD-GT6 point reversions.

Values represent KDs in nM measured by SPR. Amino acid frequencies determined from 2867 HIV-1 sequences from epPCR, error-prone polymerase chain reaction.

eOD-GT6Single reversions
Reversion from eOD-GT6F260LR278TR357KF371IV460NS471G
Frequency of WT amino acidsL (97.3%)T (78.4%)K (68.9%)I (85.8%)N (36.2%)G (78,7%)
Frequency of mutationF (0.0%)R (0.1%)R (0.5%)F (0.0%)V (3.4%)S (0.5%)
Method of discoveryepPCRRosettaepPCRRosettaRosettaepPCR
GL-VRC01 affinity (nM)44310160644501201,700
Change from eOD-GT67.03.61.510.32.739