Table 1 Experiment parameters for four analyses of Rocknest fines.

All evolved gases were analyzed by the QMS; temperature (T) range of gases that were then sent to the GC and TLS are shown.

Rocknest runSol
(mission day)
Sample T range
of gas sent to
GC (°C)
Sample T range
of gas sent to
TLS (°C)
Run 193146–533547–702*GC: Low-T organics
TLS: Predicted T for thermal
decomposition of carbonates
Run 29698–425440–601GC: Low-T organics below SO2
evolution T
TLS: Target CO2 from suspected
carbonate peak
Run 399533–822234–425GC: High-T organics
TLS: Low-T CO2 and H2O evolution
Run 4117251–289350–443GC: Narrow T cut for organics
below O2 evolution T
TLS: Narrow T cut targeting
suspected carbonate

*Due to the low volume of gas released by Rocknest in this temperature range, isotope data were not obtained for this run.