Table 4 Inorganic and organic volatile species detected by the SAM GC-MS upon heating of Rocknest and their possible origins.

MTBSTFA (N-tert-butyldimethylsilyl-N-methyltrifluoroacetamide) and DMF (dimethylformamide) are both carried within SAM for future derivatization experiments. Tenax TA is a porous polymer adsorbent resin used to concentrate organic compounds on the SAM hydrocarbon traps. Those sources that are known to be terrestrial in origin are shown in italics. Compounds in bold are observed above measured background levels.

Peak no. from
Fig. 6
CompoundPossible origin(s)
1Carbon monoxideUnknown
2Carbon dioxideMartian carbonates/carbon?, MTBSTFA or DMF
3Sulfur dioxideMartian S-bearing minerals
4Hydrogen cyanideMTBSTFA + perchlorate or high-T martian source?
5Hydrogen sulfideProduct of S-bearing minerals
6ChloromethaneMTBSTFA or martian carbon? + perchlorates
7DichloromethaneMTBSTFA or martian carbon? + perchlorates
8AcetoneMTBSTFA or DMF
9TrichloromethaneMTBSTFA or martian carbon? + perchlorates
10AcetonitrileMTBSTFA or DMF
11ChloromethylpropeneMTBSTFA + perchlorates
12BenzeneTenax TA
13TolueneTenax TA
14tert-ButyldimethylsilanolMTBSTFA + water
15ChlorobenzeneHCl + Cl2 + Tenax TA
16PhenylethyneTenax TA
17StyreneTenax TA
181,3-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-1,1,3,3-tetramethyldisiloxaneMTBSTFA + water
19TrimethylsilylborateMTBSTFA + glass beads
20BiphenylTenax TA