Table 1 Properties of segregating and fixed de novo genes and comparison with annotated male-biased genes in D. melanogaster.

Wilcoxon test, ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.01, *P < 0.05; ns, not significant. For segregating de novo genes, P values are comparisons of segregating versus fixed genes and segregating versus male-biased genes. For fixed de novo genes, P values are comparisons of fixed de novo genes versus male-biased genes. Male-biased genes are as defined in (13). All estimates are medians, except for exon number (mean).

Segregating de novo genesFixed de novo genesMale-biased genes
Transcript length (bp)801 ns/***1013**1184
Exon length (bp)518*/***512***355
Exon number1.47*/***1.79*2.37
Intron length (bp)91*/***70.5***77
5′UTR length (bp)248*/***267.5***170
3′UTR length (bp)364 ns/***337***267
Single-exon gene (%)57*/***48.1***35.8
Expression (FPKM)7.78***/***19.96***66.54