Table 1 Ancient genomic sequence data.

Only sequences with mapping quality of at least 30 were used. mtDNA, mitochondrial DNA; hg, haplogroup; Contam., Contamination estimate; CI, confidence interval; cal years BP, calibrated years BP. Dashes indicate no reliable estimate.

SampleContextGenome coveragemtDNA coveragemtDNA hgContam. (95% CI)SourceAge (cal years B.P.)*Genetic sex
StoraFörvar11Mesolithic0.0925.6U5a10 to 22.2%This study7500 to 7250Male
Ajvide52PWC0.0949.4V0 to 3.7%This study and (7)4900 to 4600Male
Ajvide53PWC0.032.5U4dThis study4900 to 4600Female
Ajvide58PWC2.22161.7U4d0 to 0.6%This study4900 to 4600Male
Ajvide59PWC0.011.3UThis study4900 to 4600Male
Ajvide70PWC0.1652.5U4d1.5 to 7.7%This study and (7)4900 to 4600Male
Ire8PWC0.0443.2U4d1.6 to 9.6%This study and (7)5100 to 4150Male
Gökhem2TRB1.3391.9H1c0 to 2.7%This study5050 to 4750Female
Gökhem4TRB0.046.5H0 to 25.9% (7)5280 to 4890Male
Gökhem5TRB0.0226.2K1e0 to 4%This study5050 to 4750Female
Gökhem7TRB0.0132.8H240 to 7.6%This study5050 to 4750Female

*Details and references for the radiocarbon dating can be found in (17).