Table 4 Characteristics of HC bread wheat genes.

Distinct exons means that exons of two or more transcripts were counted once if they had identical start and stop positions; mean transcripts and mean exons are transcripts per locus and exons per locus, respectively; the second mean exons row shows exons per transcript.

Gene loci55,24914,36715,47539,110124,201
Single exon9,181 (17%)3,230 (22%)4,906 (32%)20,375 (52%)37,692 (30%)
Multiple exon46,068 (83%)11,137 (78%)10,569 (68%)18,735 (48%)86,509 (70%)
Alternatively spliced38,059 (69%)7,916 (55%)6,465 (42%)8,728 (22%)61,168 (49%)
Mean size (bp)3,3192,2041,6089012,216
Mean transcripts3.522.582.071.572.62
Distinct exons538,25094,86474,630117,530825,274
Mean exons9.746.604.823.016.64
Mean exons36.294.453.522.565.1
Mean size (bp)321315314281314