Table 1 Comparison of the rate of H2 production possible with silicotungstic acid–mediated electrolysis and a selection of leading PEMEs from the current literature.

Literature values are based on the highest rate of H2 production reported in those works. A table with more examples and a full description of how these metrics were calculated can be found in the supplementary materials.

H2 evolution catalystAmount of
of electrode
Total catalyst
used (mg)
H2 production
rate (mmol
hour–1 mg–1)
Pt/C (0.5 mg of Pt cm–2)9 × 100 cm245022 (33)
Pt/C (0.4 mg of Pt cm–2)5 cm2247(26)
Pt/C (0.7 mg of Pt cm–2)7 cm24.953(31)
Pt/C (0.3 mg of Pt cm–2)20 cm2693(32)
Pd/C 10%50 mg5143This work
Rh/C 5%50 mg2.5241This work
Pt/C 5%50 mg2.5368This work
Pt/C 3%50 mg1.5423This work
Pt/C 1%50 mg0.51275This work
Pt/C 1%25 mg0.251336This work
Pt/C 1%10 mg0.12861This work