Table 1 Casting yield for different shaped NPs.

Casting yield refers to NP growth yield in step 4 (Fig. 1) and was calculated as the ratio between the number of DNA molds with metal NPs of designed shapes and dimensions and the total number of seed-decorated DNA molds. See text and (29) for details. See table S6 for the yields of each step in constructing the seed-decorated molds, which are not accounted for in calculating the casting yield.

ShapeCasting yield (step 4)
Ag cuboid 1       40%
Ag cuboid 2       33%
Ag cuboid 3       39%
Ag triangle 1       10%
Ag triangle 2       14%
Ag sphere       18%
Au cuboid 1       6%
Ag Y-shape       10%
QD-Ag-QD       31%