Table 2 Hierarchical regression models predicting African American representation.

N = 30 disciplines. Significant statistics are bold. R2 comparisons are always with the preceding model (to the left).

PredictorModel 1Model 2
    β    t    P    β    t    P
STEM indicator(0.05)(0.15)(0.878)(–0.06)(–0.21)(0.833)
Total hours worked(–0.13)(–0.58)(0.571)(–0.26)(–1.30)(0.207)
Systemizing versus empathizing(–0.23)(–0.71)(0.487)(0.10)(0.35)(0.733)
Field-specific ability beliefs–0.61**–3.280.003
F for change in R2(0.37)10.76**
P for change in R2(0.827)0.003

**P < 0.01.