Table 2 Frequently detected viruses.

The % column indicates the percentage of samples that were positive for the virus by VirScan. Known HIV- and HCV-positive samples were excluded when performing this analysis.

Virus species%
Human herpesvirus 487.1%
Rhinovirus B71.8%
Human adenovirus C71.8%
Rhinovirus A67.3%
Human respiratory syncytial virus65.7%
Human herpesvirus 154.4%
Influenza A virus53.4%
Human herpesvirus 6B52.8%
Human herpesvirus 548.5%
Influenza B virus40.5%
Human herpesvirus 324.3%
Human adenovirus F20.4%
Human adenovirus B16.8%
Human herpesvirus 215.5%
Enterovirus A15.2%
Enterovirus B13.3%