Table 1

Summary of dissociation constants between SC1918/H1 HA and selected design variants. Apparent Kd was determined using yeast surface display titrations. Numbers in parentheses indicate Kd determined by SPR. NB, no binding.

DesignKd (nM)
1U84 (HB36 scaffold)NB (NB)
HB36200 (>2000)
HB36 D47S5
HA36 A60V8
HB36.3 (HB36 D47S, A60V)4 (29)
HB36.4 (HB36 D47S, A60V, N64K)4 (22)
2CJJ (HB80 scaffold)NB
HB80 M26T100
HB80 N36K300
HB80 M26T N36K7.5
HB80 Δ54-95, M26T, N36K5
HB80.3 (HB80 Δ54-95, D12Gly, A24S, M26T, N36K)3 (38)