Table 2

Prophylaxis testing results with P. berghei. The prepatent period was the average of days for all five mice tested per group. In all cases, the drug was administered orally 1 to 3 hours before sporozoite injection, except where indicated by an asterisk, where drug administration was 6 hours after infection. All dosing was in a suspension formulation of 0.5% w/v methylcellulose, 1% (v/v) solutol HS15. Dash entries, suspension formulation only; na, not applicable because of lack of blood-stage infection.

Dose mg/kgAverage survival (%)Prepatent period (days)
GNF1795 p.o.204.2
GNF17915 p.o.100na
GNF179*15 p.o.806.2
GNF17920 p.o.100na
Atovaquone2.5 p.o.100na
Atovaquone*2.5 p.o.100na
NITD60930 p.o.04.2
NITD60915 p.o.04.5