Table 1

Highest correlated genes of distal DHSs harboring GWAS variants. Examples of distal DHSs-to-promoter connections that highlight candidate genes potentially underlying the association. An asterisk (*) indicates the highest-correlated gene is not the nearest gene. r, Pearson’s correlation coefficient; ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; NMDA, N-methyl-d-aspartate.

Disease or traitrTarget geneFunctionDistance (kb)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis1SYNGAP1*Axon formation; component of NMDA complex411
Crohn’s disease1TRIB1*NF-κB regulation95
Time to first primary tooth0.99PRDM1*Craniofacial development452
C-reactive protein0.99NLRP3Response to bacterial pathogens20
Multiple sclerosis0.98AHI1*White matter abnormalities149
QRS duration0.96SCN10A*Sodium channel involved in cardiac conduction181
Breast cancer0.96TACC2*Tumor suppressor411
Schizophrenia/brain imaging0.95KIF1A*Neuron-specific kinesin involved in axonal transport428
Brain structure0.94CXCR6*Chemokine receptor involved in glial migration357
Rheumatoid arthritis0.94CTSB*Cysteine proteinase linked to articular erosion359
Ovarian cancer0.93HSPG2*Ovarian tumor suppressor268
Multiple sclerosis0.93ZP1*Known autoantigen153
ADHD0.93PDLIM5*Neuronal calcium signaling328
Breast cancer0.88MAP3K1*Response to growth factors158
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis0.88CNTN4Neuronal cell adhesion306
Schizophrenia0.81FXR1*Cognitive function120
Type 1 diabetes0.75ACAD10*Mitochondrial oxidation of fatty acids343
Lupus0.74STAT4Mediates IL-12 immune response and TH1 differentiation113