Table 1.

Closest sequenced relatives identified through BLAST analysis of the high-throughput sequence data.

KingdomTaxon (rank)Organism
Bacteria Firmicutes (phylum) Lactobacillus sp.* Uncultured Firmicutes
Bacteria Actinobacteria (class) Bifidobacterium sp.*
Bacteria Alphaproteobacteria (class) Bartonella sp.*Gluconacetobacter sp.*
Bacteria Betaproteobacteria (class) Simonsiella sp.*
Bacteria Gammaproteobacteria (class) Two uncultured species*
Fungus Entomophthorales (order) Pandora delphacis
Fungus Mucorales (order) Mucor spp.
Fungus/microsporidian Nosematidae (family) Nosema ceranae
Fungus/microsporidian Nosematidae (family) Nosema apis
Eukaryota Trypanosomatidae (family) Leishmania/Leptomonas sp.
Metazoan Varroidae (family) Varroa destructor
Virus (Unclassified) CBPV
Virus Iflavirus (genus) SBV
Virus Iflavirus (genus) DWV
Virus Dicistroviridae (family) BQCV
Virus Dicistroviridae (family) KBV
Virus Dicistroviridae (family) ABPV
Virus Dicistroviridae (family) IAPV of bees
  • * Found by Jeyaprakash et al. (10).

  • Found by Babendreier et al. (9).

  • Indicates viruses not yet classified by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses but that exhibit the key features of the indicated taxon.