Table 1.

Derivation and characterization of adeno-iPS cells from different cell types. Oct4ind indicates Oct4ind allele present; GFP, GFP reporter gene present; ES, expression of ES cell markers (SSEA-1 and Oct4 or Sox2); TF, teratoma formation; PC, postnatal chimeras; GL, germline transmission. ND, not determined.

Source of cells Oct4ind GFP Sex MOI iPS lines (2n/4n) Efficiency (iPS/input, %) ES TF PC GL
Fetal liver Yes No F 20–50 6/0 0.0012 Yes Yes ND ND
Fetal liver Yes Sox2 M 20–50 2/1 0.0006 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fibroblast Yes Oct4 M 50–250 1/0 <0.0001 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hepatocyte No Oct4 F 1–4 1/2 0.0005 Yes Yes Yes ND