Table 2

Features of class I RNA editing sites.

Feature36,208 setClass I setP value*
Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) structure†16%41%2.7 × 10-21
Downstream of base G34%8%1.1 × 10-21
Coding sequence52%23%2.0 × 10-19
Conserved region‡42%21%1.5 × 10-11
MicroRNA target sequence§33%20%4.6 × 10-6

*P values were calculated using Fisher’s exact test.

†Sequence centered on the site [4001 base pairs (bp) total] forms a dsRNA structure (10).

‡Sites in the “most conserved” track in the University of California Santa Cruz genome browser (

§Sequence centered on the site (13 bp total) contains 7 bp microRNA seeds ( (10).