Table 1

Ion concentration determined shortly after addition of each of the three samples. Quantities in the last seven rows are derived from concentrations. Concentration error is ±20% (monovalent ions) or ±50% (divalent ions). Total charge includes Li+ and NO3 from the leaching solution. The Sorceress 1 sample volume was smaller than the others (i.e., more dilute) by an estimated 25 to 35% and is therefore not included in the average. The pH reading from Sorceress 2 was comparable to the others, but noisy. Note that measured conductivity also includes ions from the leaching solution.

Rosy RedSorceress 1Sorceress 2Average
Na+ (mM)
K+ (mM)0.360.170.390.38
Ca2+ (mM)0.550.420.60.58
Mg2+ (mM)
Cl (mM)
ClO4 (mM)
Conductivity (μS/cm)NA100014001400
Equivalent conductivity at 25°C (μS/cm)NA137019001900
ClO4 mass (mg)6.505.255.506.00
Conductivity at 25°C (calculated, μS/cm)815636918866
Total cation charge (mM)9.667.5111.3910.53
Total anion charge (mM)4.303.443.774.04
Anion deficit, if monovalent (mM)5.364.077.626.49
Anion deficit, if divalent (mM)2.682.043.813.25