Table 1

Phage loss in H. defensa–infected A. pisum lines. Each A. pisum line is maintained in small cages on Vicia faba, either in duplicate or triplicate. Sublines were PCR screened for APSE in 2008 (16) and were found to be either all positive (+), all negative (–), or mixed (+/–). Loss of APSE-3 occurred in all six lines collected and maintained since 2003 and previously determined to carry APSE. It is unclear if lines A1C and A2C carried APSE-3 at the time of collection and subsequently lost the phage, or if they lacked APSE at the time of collection. N/A, not applicable.

A. pisum lineAPSE in 2008APSE in pastPhage variant and toxinCollection year and location
82B → 5A++APSE-2 CdtBNew York, USA, 2000
A1A → 5A+/−+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
A1A+/−+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
A2D+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
A2F+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
A2F → 5A+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
A2H+APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2003
AICunknownN/AUtah, USA, 2003
A2CunknownN/AUtah, USA, 2003
AS3++APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2007
AS5++APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2007
AS5++APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2007
R7++APSE-3 YD-repeatUtah, USA, 2007