Table 1

Unique beta-lactamase genes identified from gut and oral microbiomes from healthy humans. Gene ID refers to unique identifier in tables S3 and S4, and enzyme names use established nomenclature (24, 32). Percentage amino acid identity to the closest related gene in GenBank is calculated using the global alignment program clustalW (24, 33). NCBI, National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Beta-lactamase familyEnzyme nameGene IDGenBank IDSourceAmino acid identity to NCBI (%)
AmpCAmpC-EcolK12AX_iG2_08 GQ343010Aerobic gut isolate100.0
AmpC-EC6PE_iG1_02 GQ343155Aerobic gut isolate100.0
AmpC-EC31PE_iG2_05 GQ343162Aerobic gut isolate100.0
AmpC-HG1AX_iG2_21 GQ343018Aerobic gut isolate99.7
AmpC-HG2CA_iG2_12 GQ343059Aerobic gut isolate99.5
AmpC-HG3CF_iG2_01 GQ343071Aerobic gut isolate90.0
AmpC-HG4CF_iG2_06 GQ343073Aerobic gut isolate97.4
AmpC-HG5CA_iG1_06 GQ343055Aerobic gut isolate99.2
TEMTEM-1bAX_iG1_01 GQ343004Aerobic gut isolate100.0
TEM-168PE_iG2_13 GQ343167Aerobic gut isolate99.7
TEM-169PI_iG2_05 GQ343173Aerobic gut isolate99.1
CTX-MCTX-M-15AX_iG1_04 GQ343005Aerobic gut isolate and metagenomic gut sample100.0
CblACblA-1AX_iG2_02 GQ343019Aerobic gut isolate and metagenomic gut sample100.0
CblA-2AX_mG2_03 GQ342999Metagenomic gut sample99.7
CblA-3PE_mG2_02 GQ343154Metagenomic gut sample99.0
CfxACfxA6AX_mG2_01 GQ342996Metagenomic gut sample87.2
HGAHGA-1CA_mG1_02 GQ343038Metagenomic gut sample61.4
HGBHGB-1AX_mG2_05 GQ343000Metagenomic gut sample58.5
HOAHOA-1AX_mO1_01 GQ343035Metagenomic saliva sample49.5
HGCHGC-1CA_mG1_01 GQ343037Metagenomic gut sample48.1
HGC-2CA_mG1_04 GQ343039Metagenomic gut sample51.0
HGDHGD-1CA_mG2_04 GQ343044Metagenomic gut sample52.9
HGEHGE-1AX_mG2_11 GQ343003Metagenomic gut sample37.1
HGFHGF-1AX_mG2_09 GQ343002Metagenomic gut sample43.3
HGGHGG-1PE_mG1_01 GQ343153Metagenomic gut sample38.8
HGHHGH-1PI_mG1_01 GQ343170Metagenomic gut sample34.5
HGIHGI-1CA_mG2_07 GQ343045Metagenomic gut sample42.6