Table 1 Correlations between the lifetime risk of cancers in 17 tissues and the lifetime number of stem cell divisions in those tissues.

The median Pearson’s correlation coefficients and 95% range in various geographic regions are listed. The values in columns CR 0–85+, CR 0–85, CR 0–80, and CR 0–75 represent the correlations when the lifetime risk of each cancer (cumulative risk, CR) could be determined from birth to age 85+, birth to age 85, birth to age 80, and birth to age 75, respectively. No cancer incidence data were available for individuals older than 80 years in African countries (tables S1 to S4). NA, not applicable.

Geographic regionsCR 0–85+CR 0–85CR 0–80CR 0–75
North America0.810.790.780.76
Latin America and Caribbean0.730.720.700.66