Table 1 Parameters of the model fit.

The experimental photoelectron angular distributions as a function of XUV-IR delay, shown in Fig. 4A, are fitted to a model composed of six partial waves (see Eq. 1). The amplitudes and phases of each partial wave are listed. The amplitudes are normalized so that the sum of their squares equals one. The phase of the s-wave is defined as zero. Embedded Image represents an arbitrary common phase that determines time zero. The column labeled “Amplitude2” is the square of the values in the “Amplitude” column. Errors shown are the range of each parameter such that the residual least-squares error between the model and the experiment increases by 10%.

Fitting parameterAmplitudeAmplitude2Phase (rad)
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.697Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.024Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.022Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.011Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.104Embedded Image
Embedded ImageEmbedded Image0.151Embedded Image