Table 1 Stellar data and parameters.

The celestial coordinates are provided along the right ascension (RA ≡ α) and declination (Dec ≡ δ) and the apparent motion of the star, i.e., the proper motion μ, is decomposed into μα cos δ along the right ascension and μδ along the declination.

RA (J2000)14h06m35s.45
Dec (J2000)+74°18′58″.0
μα cos δ–56 ± 7 mas year–1
μδ148 ± 7 mas year–1
mV15.51 ± 0.09 mag
TeffEmbedded Image
log g/(cm s–2)Embedded Image
MassEmbedded Image
RadiusEmbedded Image
MVEmbedded Image
v sin i30.5 ± 2.0 km s–1