Table 1

List of corrections Δν and uncertainties σ for the determination of the 2S-4P fine structure centroid ν2S-4P. See (17) for details.

ContributionΔv (kHz)σ (kHz)
First-order Doppler shift0.002.13
Quantum interference shift0.000.21
Light force shift–0.320.30
Model corrections0.110.06
Sampling bias0.440.49
Second-order Doppler shift0.220.05
dc-Stark shift0.000.20
Zeeman shift0.000.22
Pressure shift0.000.02
Laser spectrum0.000.10
Frequency standard (hydrogen maser)0.000.06
Recoil shift–837.230.00
Hyperfine structure corrections–132,552.0920.075