Table 1. Composition of defense systems reported in this study.

SystemOperonAssociated domains*Domain annotationsNo. of instances detected within microbesNo. (%) of genomes in which system is foundComments
ThoerisThsABpfam13289, pfam14519, pfam08937, pfam13676SIR2, Macro domain, TIR domain20992070 (4.0%)Membrane associated (sometimes)
HachimanHamABpfam08878, COG1204, pfam00270, pfam00271Helicase17811742 (3.4%)
SheduSduApfam14082Nuclease12461191 (2.3%)
GabijaGajABpfam13175, COG3593, pfam00580, pfam13361 COG0210, pfam13245ATPase, nuclease, helicase45984360 (8.5%)
SeptuPtuABpfam13304, COG3950, pfam13395, pfam01844ATPase, HNH nuclease25062117 (4.1%)
LamassuLmuABpfam14130, pfam02463SMC ATPase N-terminal domain697682 (1.3%)
(type I)
ZorABCDpfam01618, pfam13677, pfam00691, COG1360, pfam15611, pfam00176, pfam00271, COG0553, pfam04471MotA/ExbB, MotB, helicase, Mrr-like nuclease11731055 (2.1%)Membrane associated
(type II)
ZorABEpfam01618, pfam13677, pfam00691, COG1360, COG3183, pfam01844MotA/ExbB, MotB, HNH nuclease656655 (1.3%)Membrane associated
KiwaKwaABpfam16162No annotated domain934924 (1.8%)Membrane associated
DruantiaDruABCDE (type I)
DruMFGE (type II)
pfam14236, pfam00270, pfam00271, pfam09369, COG1205, pfam00145, COG0270Helicase, methylase13421321 (2.6%)
WadjetJetABCDpfam11855, pfam09660, pfam13835, pfam09661, pfam13555, pfam13558, COG4913, COG1196, pfam11795, pfam09983, pfam11796, pfam09664, COG4924MukBEF condensin, topoisomerase VI31732880 (5.6%)

*Pfam and COG domains were assigned according to the information in the IMG database (48) and supplemented using HHpred (52).