Table 2 Summary of subunit composition, chain names, and residues in this model.

The DP, TP, and E sites in F1 are composed of chains C and D, B and F, and A and E, respectively.

SubunitAliasTotal number
of residues
mass (kDa)
RoleSectorChainModeled residues
α51054.9catalyticF1A to C4 (or 6) to 510
β47851.1catalyticF1D to F6 (or 7) to 478
γ27830.6catalyticF1G1 to 278
δ13814.6catalyticF1H7 to 138
ε616.1catalyticF1I1 to 59
OSCP519520.9structuralstatorY7 to 172
a624925.1H+ transferFoX26 to 249
b420923.3dualFoZ53 to 207
c9767.76H+ transferFoK to T1 to 75 (or 76)
d717319.7structuralstator73 to 173
f9510.6dualFoU1 to 85
ij596.7H+ transferFoJ1 to 37
F69210.4structuralstator64 to 92
8A6L485.8structuralstator87 to 48