Table 3 Political advertising heightens partisan effects.

Each regression (column) estimates the effect of voting disagreement between travelers and hosts on 2016 Thanksgiving dinner duration. The second and fourth regressions explore whether political advertising heightens these effects. Media markets in swing states like Florida saw more than 26,000 ads in 2016. Standard errors are reported in parentheses and clustered at the precinct-cross-precinct level. A blank cell indicates that the variable was not included in this regression. ***P < 0.001; *P < 0.05.

Independent variable1234
Dependent variable: Duration of Thanksgiving dinner (min)
Probability of political mismatch–21.58***–14.40***
Probability DPR→RPR–5.604*4.117
Probability RPR→DPR–38.74***–33.68***
Number of political ads
(1000 ads per market)
Probability of political mismatch
times number of political ads
Probability DPR→RPR times number of political ads–3.237***
Probability RPR→DPR times number of political ads–2.122***