Table 12 Degree of preparedness for each defended area.

The degree to which the need for defense was anticipated at the time of initial settlement. Scores closer to 0 indicate minimal preparedness.

Site/regionDefended areaPreparedness index
El ZotzHill NW of El Diablo Group369
El Zotz PolityHills W of La Cuernavilla199
TurcaTurca E refuge194
KanalnaKanalna N refuge164
KanalnaKanalna S refuge140
AtalayaAtalaya core132
El Achiotal PolityPeninsula refuge107
Witzna EastWitzna East99
Dos AguadasDos Aguadas North W plateau91
El ZotzEl Tejon87
El Zotz PolityHills at N drainage intersection78
WitznaWitzna core68
Dos AguadasDos Aguadas North N plateau68
Xmakabatun PolitySummit E of drainage62
E4 River SiteSite core59
RS07Eastern hilltop50
Xmakabatun PolitySummit W of drainage39
Tikal PolityGroup NW of Tikal Wall39
Dos AguadasDos Aguadas South core36
La CuernavillaLa Cuernavilla West33
La CuernavillaLa Cuernavilla East32
El ZotzEl Diablo22
El Perú-Waka’El Perú-Waka’ core13
CivalCival core13
TintalTintal core12
La SufricayaLa Sufricaya core10
Dos Aguadas*Dos Aguadas South macro5
Dos AguadasDos Aguadas North E plateau1
Tikal*City extent0
El Achiotal PolityDefensive enclosure0

*The defended area extends beyond the limits of the lidar data, but a substantial portion is visible.