Table 1 Disaggregation of Baccini et al. aboveground loss by percent tree cover, tree cover loss, forest intactness, and colocated tree cover loss and gain.
Baccini et al. (1) aboveground lossTropical AmericaTropical AfricaTropical Asia
By percent tree cover category of Hansen et al. (2)≥60% tree cover86.1%40.9%74.1%
30–59% tree cover7.9%24.4%15.0%
10–29% tree cover3.4%30.4%6.8%
0–9% tree cover2.6%4.2%4.1%
Within Hansen et al. (2) mapped tree cover loss≥60% tree cover27.1%13.4%47.9%
30–59% tree cover3.0%8.9%6.6%
10–29% tree cover0.9%6.1%2.0%
0–9% tree cover0.2%0.0%0.4%
Outside of Hansen et al. (2) mapped tree cover loss68.7%71.5%43.2%
Within an intersection of intact (9) and hinterland (10) forest maps25.3%7.9%2.5%
Within hinterland forests (10)28.9%10.5%3.7%
For colocated tree cover loss and tree cover gain from Hansen et al. (2)0.65%0.00%5.45%