Librarian Admin Portal

Manage Your Institutional Subscription

These resources are intended to help librarians and administrators manage their online institutional subscriptions.

Reset your institutional account password

Please note that you will need to enter your institution’s alphanumeric username rather than an email address to reset your login information. If you are unsure of your username, please contact Institutional Licensing customer service.

Update your account contact information

You may update your administrator email, phone, and fax information through this link. To change the administrator name associated with your account, please contact Institutional Licensing customer service.

Update your institution’s IP addresses

Please enter the IP addresses under your institution’s administrative control (including secure proxy servers) to provide access to your authorized users. AAAS does not perform IP updates on our customers’ behalf.

View COUNTER usage statistics

From this page, you will be able to select various COUNTER-compliant usage reports associated with your institutional subscription. Usage statistics are also available through the HighWire portal or via SUSHI harvesting.

Add your institutional logo and OpenURL

Your institutional logo will appear at the top of all Science journal pages to show that paid access to our content has been made possible through your institutional subscription. OpenURL (also called Resolver base URL) is a protocol that will display your chosen text or image after article citations to connect users with other subscription content available through your library’s collection.

For further guidance, please refer to our FAQ page or contact Institutional Licensing customer service.